Arthur Machen “Akloberfest” Parody at RedBubble

Given that today is Arthur Machen’s birthday, I thought I’d throw this up on RedBubble and see what happens:

Akloberfest Sticker & Mug


I’m slowly putting some other stuff on RedBubble as well. If there’s something you’d like to request specifically, please let me know.


Now for the Good News: Classic Monster Movies Stuff!

Now, you can proudly state that you are a bona fide “Classics Scholar.”

By the which I mean, classic monster movies, of course:


Har har har. I made two versions, with and without The Phantom, in case we disagree on what constitutes ‘the classics.’ It seemed like an outlier, and it’s silent as well. All the others are talkies. I deliberately omitted The Creature from The Black Lagoon, as that seemed like an outlier as well (1954? 3D?) and a little more 50’s Monster Movie than ‘classic monster movie.’

This art is available in blue on white, and in white on dark colors. Mugs & shirts only. Just in time for Halloween, though I cannot promise delivery by then.

For Sale: New Total Recall 2012 Merch!

I totally recall Total Recall 2012. Turned some more of my recreated art into products, including the lovely Chocolate Boba Tea ad, the Tokonoma logo, and a version of the First Bank of New Asia logo with more 3D bevels and lens flares and such. And the UFB 7 news channel logo.


Available here. What can I say? I give good wife.