Refreshing 7-Eleven

An Unofficial Logo Design Experiment

All this digging into 7-Eleven’s graphic identity (BTTF II & Lucky Dragon) has made me want to do my own version of a futuristic 7-Eleven logo.

I tweaked the 7 in numerous subtle ways, adding a hint of italics. I then tweaked the text to match. Because I like what Burger King did with their logo recently, I thought I’d try to do the same thing here: take something previously rectangular, and shape it into a circle. The resulting shape can also suggest a crescent moon, implying their late-night hours.

7-Eleven Experiment
An unofficial logo redesign experiment.

BTTF II 2015 7-Eleven Shirt

It’s very hard to find any references for the signage of the 7-Eleven underneath the Texaco station. What there is is uniformly low-res. That being said, I’m pretty confidant my art here is pretty close:


Available here, at TeePublic.

As an aside, this is the third time I’ve tweaked this art. Not counting my first raster attempt in 2000. Barring the invention of an actual time machine and a trip back to the set in 1989, or the discovery of some long-lost photos, I think this is as close as we’ll get.

BTTF II: 2015 Texaco Station


We may bemoan the lack of flying cars, and hoverboards but at least gas isn’t $7.25 a gallon.

Never noticed it today, but the ‘car’ has a 2015 California tag just like the DeLorean.

Texaco car concept art:


Incidentally, there was a not-really-but-suspiciously-similar-to-MicroMachines-scale ‘playset’ of the Texaco station, and a couple sets of different cars put out for BTTF II. DeLoreans, Hill Valley police cars, the Taxi. Don’t recall seeing this car in the sets, though.

But what’s on the first floor, below the Texaco station? A 7-Eleven, of course! Not even joking.

Not easy to see in the film, but it’s there:


Here you can see the futuristic logo:


It appears to be entirely vending machines, selling Slurpees, Big Gulps, beer and Kodak film.