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Sleipnir Believes in You!

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But do you believe in Sleipnir? Let the greatest of all horses inspire you, with this Norse mythology based design:


Sleipnir Collection at Zazzle

Sleipnir at RedBubble

Sleipnir at TeePublic

Pointy Pony Piñata Parody

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Piñata Pony 2 Small

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, I present a cartoon rendering of a peppy, pointy, pony piñata!

Pointy Pony Piñata at RedBubble

Pointy Pony Piñata at TeePublic

Two Weeks…

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75th Anniversary of The Red Skull!

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Yes, October 1941 was the first* appearance of Captain America’s arch-nemesis, The Red Skull; which makes this October his 75th anniversary!

*Side note: While there is a character known as The Red Skull in Captain America #1, CA #7 reveals him to have been an impostor; he is explicitly not the real Johann Schmidt / Red Skull we all know.

I’ll be celebrating by … posting Red Skull related blog entries! Join me, won’t you?

Halloween “Jackal Lantern” Shirt Variants

Posted in Design, Physical Object with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 6, 2016 by Staff Writer

Variation on the previous art I uploaded over the weekend:

Available at TeePublic!

And also available like so:


At Zazzle!

Jackal Lantern Shirts!

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A terrible pun is now a silly shirt! With newly revised and improved art for 2016!

Jackal Lantern at TeePublic!


Desho, Desho? Shirts, etc.

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Desho, Desho? at TeePublic

Desho? Shirts at Zazzle

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