For Sale: White Dragon Coasters

I know that there is a modest market for BR ephemera. I’ve made some myself. To the pre-existing wallet stuffers and chopsticks, I would like to add these inexpensive paperboard coasters:


The plainer 3 are deliberately intended to be something that might have been designed (quickly) in the 80’s, and the more ornate one (top left) is based on a real Tsingtao coaster. 1968 is when DADOES was written, and the Japanese at the bottom says “Two is plenty,” (according to Google Translate). Additionally, these are ALL fan-designed and non-canon, with the exception of the WD logotype Tom Southwell created (Hi, Tom!) and the color scheme he established for WD. I know the art dept. on BR had a WD rubber stamp made, but what it was used for (napkins?) is unknown to me (Tom?). I just thought these would be a fun filler item for collections.

Available from Zazzle here, assuming no stray skinjobs crush my skull like a ripe tomato…