Star Horse: The Horse Awakens

Got paid today, so I splurged on the font Serif Gothic, which I personally loathe, but it’s popping up everywhere now. Case in point:

“Recognize me NOW?”

But now, I can do this:

The Horse Awakens

Star Horse: The Horse Awakens


Star Wars Shirt: Mos Eisley Cantina Parody

Parody of a certain two letter cerveza logo, inspired by a certain film about a war in the stars.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.27.34 AM.png

“We serve all kinds!”*

Brought to you by the letters Aurek & Besh.

*No droids allowed.

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All t-shirts are now $14, and other products are discounted similarly.

I have 3 new shirts up, just in time:


The top row, from left to right, are from Congo, Congo and Westworld. My “TraviCom” shirts are replicas of the shirts worn by the ill-fated first “Blue Contract” team in Africa, as seen below:

The Westworld shirt is (apparently) the logo of the Delos resort, though it certainly does not get much screen time. You only see it in the intro film on the hovercraft. Note the division of the circle into three segments, like the three themed areas of the resort.

The bottom row are more recent shirts, but not brand new.

A Holiday Special Shirt

Speaking of holiday movies, this is my recreation of the opening title card from “The Faithful Wookiee” cartoon segment of a certain Holiday Special:


I took the liberty of adding a subtle highlight and drop shadow to the art, and trying to minimize the irregularities of the free-handed alien typography.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Blasters

These two blasters, recently shown by Wired, seem to be built on the Bergmann 1896 automatic pistol:


Note the very distinctive grip, trigger area, and slits in the magazine cover:


And yet, the outline of the magazine cover doesn’t quite match. It’s possible that the bases for these blasters were simply inspired by the Bergmann, and built from scratch in 3D and then 3D printed. I do not know of any replica Bergmanns available. Additionally, the Bergmann only has the magazine cover and slits on the one side, the other side is solid; and when I first saw these photos, they were facing the other direction. I flipped them, assuming them to have been reversed by accident, but if they were correct originally, it lends more credence to the inspired by but scratch-built theory.